Well, hello there

I'm Brittany Bays


Thank you for stopping by. I am honored to have you view my work. I am a coffee drinking, bicycle riding, red lipstick wearing romantic. My career in the arts started in a more traditional setting, studying painting and drawing at the University of Cincinnati. I went on to study graphic design and photography at Northern Kentucky University, obtaining my BA in Visual Communication. I do love all of these mediums, but my true passion is photography. I hold photographs of my travels, my family, special places, and special people so dear to my heart. I take this passion into every portrait and wedding I photograph. When I attend a wedding, I want the images to have life and meaning. 

I primarily shoot digital images, and I have 2 Nikon camera bodies and several lenses that I tote to weddings and shoots. I also have a film camera that I bring (pictured with me here). It's been in my family since the early 80s and was passed to me by my uncle a few years ago. I mainly use that for my travel and personal photos, as it's a smaller and more rugged camera than my Nikon. But if time allows, you might see me whip this out on your wedding or engagement shoot! 

My approach is to photograph your day to capture the whole story and romance of it. My style is a mix of fine art photojournalism and editorial styled posing. I have had experience being on both sides of the camera, and I use my modeling background a lot when I am posing other subjects. I am actually represented by Heyman Talent as a model and actress! This definitely comes in handy when I am working with my  clients. I thrive on making people shine and feel confident in front of my camera. Most importantly, I am a Christian, and I try my hardest to honor God with the creativity He has given me. I am so blessed to be doing what I love, and I thank God regularly for allowing me to use my gifts and talents in my career. It is only by His grace that I have made it to where I am today.